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Wreaths for a Reason

After making a wreath out of walnuts last week, a friend and neighbour of mine asked me if I would make them a couple of wreaths to take to the cemetery for the Day of the Dead which they celebrate here in the Czech Republic. Of course I said yes... and then regretted it a little. I already knew I wouldn't have much time and I wasn't sure what I'd make them with.

I took Lu for a walk and then we had a look around the garden and I found I didn't have much grapevine I could use. So I looked at the Willow tree I'd cut back last winter and saw the perfect young growth to use for the wreath base.

After cutting some from the tree, I stripped the leaves off and carefully bent the withies to make them more flexible. Then, using a little wire, I secured them together to form a ring and then using more and more, made a sturdy wreath base.

I have a holly bush in the garden that's incredibly slow growing. It has beautiful leaves and I deliberately leave it to grow cutting it back at this time of year to use the cuttings as decorations.

There was also some striking Virginia Creeper berries by the back terrace, and endless Lavender still with beautiful silver scented leaves.

I made both wreaths with the Holly, using the Virginia Creeper berries for one, and Lavender for the other... and they turned out quite nicely considering I'd done them in very little time.

There's something very satisfying about taking a little time and making something you need out of things you already have and wouldn't otherwise use... and Lu totally agrees 🖤

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