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I love finding amazing materials and using them to create something beautiful. 

When I first came to No 19 I made myself a sturdy grey tote bag. I wanted somthing that would hold everything, something I could use to go shopping, do gardening, and carry home the things I collected from the woods. I wanted something super strong but I also wanted it to look good. It was over 10 years ago when I made my first bag, and although a little ragged, I still use it today.


Now, almost all the fabrics I buy are what I like to call 'leftovers'! Mainly from England and Italy, they're sometimes vintage, sometimes antique, factory samples, end of rolls, off-cuts, and anything else that catches my eye. If it inspires me to make something unique, I'll buy it. 

I also like experimenting with fabrics, combinting then together in patchwork, dying, tie dying, and destressing them to give them texture and the feeling of somthing that's already lived a life.


I'm constantly designing and making new creations to use around the house and in the garden here at No 19, and many of these products often end up making their way into my shop as unique handcrafted gifts. Everything I make is dreamed up, pieced together, and truly From No 19.

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