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Orchids are a floral investment in your future 💚

I love the feeling of being able to rescue something… whether it’s second hand Willow Pattern, a window from an old house, an unwanted kitten… it feels good giving something a home.

Over the last two weeks, every time I’ve been to the DIY center or the local supermarket there have been endless potted orchids on sale. Some of these are beautiful, and others have clearly seen better days. But like any plant, they’re going to flower again, aren’t they?

I’d never bought an orchid before and I hadn’t ever really thought about having one in the house. Number 19 can be quite cool in summer and absolutely freezing in winter, and I just assumed an orchid wouldn’t be happy here.

As there were so many and some reduced to almost nothing, I thought I should take a chance and I purchased a couple for my bedroom.

I believe orchids like light on their roots, so I popped into a bazaar and bought some second hand cut glass containers which I thought would provide interesting texture, potted them up and put them in my bedroom which has a good constant temperature and is lighter than some of the other rooms in the house. I also learnt from a video that if they’re happy they will definitely flower again next year.

Since I first purchased my orchids I’ve been back to get more. So far they seem to be doing well and Frappis loves them 💕 I’m not sure how long they’ll last, and I’m hoping they’ll re flower at some point, but the now is what counts and at the moment they're lovely 💚💕

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