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Gooseberry Magic💚

I absolutely love gooseberries and haven’t had them since I was a child. So when my neighbor said she was too busy jam making to use hers and wondered if I wanted some, I went straight round and started picking😊

I wasn’t sure what to make with them so I decided on a crumble. I found a recipe online, topped and tailed the berries, and in no time at all I had a crumble.

Cutting back the overgrown beds is a little more enjoyable knowing there’s crumble at the end of it 💙 And I have a feeling that the cats were also looking forward to having some... or at least the cream 😻

It‘s funny that when you mention gooseberries, people of all ages say they remember them from childhood but haven’t had them for years.

This is also my experience. My Grandfather used to tend some gooseberry bushes in our garden when I was really young. I would pick the fruit off and eat it there and then. They were so tart but so good.

As I still have a whole pile of the wonderful berries I’m also thinking of trying Gooseberry Fool which I’ve never tasted but I’m sure I’ll love. My neighbor did a wonderful thing planting gooseberries and I think I’m going to find space for a couple of my own bushes 💚

Below there is a link to the recipe I used 💚

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