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Forward to the past

I started with the ‘simple’ idea of replacing the modern-ish cement floor in one of the bedrooms with an amazing 200year old wooden floor that one of my neighbor’s gave me… then I decided to continue into the corridor… It all suddenly became what felt like a huge job!

I had literally no budget for this so I decided to go with what I had available. The floor itself was a wonderful gift!!!!! I kept the ugly bedroom doors but put some wood on them, a coat of paint, and changed the handles for antique ones I got from a bazaar.

The hall end of the corridor had glass bricks and a frosted glass door which we removed and I made a glass paneled door myself which, although was a lot of work, cost so much less than buying a similar one.

There’s still a way to go. I’ve got to finish the built in cupboard and paint up all the cracks I’ve filled in… the lights… the backs of the doors… 😩 but I’ve made a significant start which is often what we need to give us the incentive to continue 😊

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