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Christmas Past

I’ve just come back from two weeks in England and I had a fantastic time seeing family and friends. I stayed with my mother but we were hardly ever at the house as we went out almost every day and sometimes even twice a day! It was amazing and I almost feel like I've already had my Christmas.

I came back to Starý Týn looking forward to seeing everyone here. Even though the animals were in Rob's capable hands, I do worry when I'm away from them all. There was also Wolfie to consider. He'd only been with us at No 19 for three days before I left and I had no idea how he was going to fit in.

I arrived at a hectic household of crazy Wolfie, an irritated Lu and 12 cats that looked disgusted with the new bundle of black fury energy... but I wasn't expecting miracles. However, I was very excited about how cute the village was looking.

While I was away Starý Týn had been decorated for Christmas and it looks lovely. There's snow on the ground, it's freezing cold but that wonderfully dry cold that you somehow don't feel, and the Christmas tree is lit up and looking simply beautiful.

Behind the tree the shelter has been filled with straw and turned into a stable with a nativity scene consisting of cartoon like characters around the baby Jesus. Lights hang from the rafters and reflected light on the surrounding houses is magical.

I took Wolfie for a 5am walk this morning and the village was so silent, I couldn’t resist going to the center and taking some pictures.

As I was admiring the Christmas scenes I suddenly realized it's only a week until the day and I've not decorated or done anything festive. My best friend Rob has gone to Poland for the Christmas season and isn't sure when he's back, so I'm here with the fury family who I don't think really appreciate my festive efforts.

The hallway is filled with building materials for the upstairs project and I kind of came to the conclusion that I wouldn't decorate this year... and then I spotted a pile of Oak leaves and acorns I'd put aside for something creative...

With Wolfie having to be constantly watched and the kitchen stove gorgeously toasty, I felt I had the chance to make an Oak Wreath. It had to be simple and mainly consisted of leaves glue gunned in place with some silver and gold acorns dotted around.

It's not like I've done anything special, Mother Nature can take the credit for that. But I painted the leaves with Christmas gold spray, and put it by the stove to dry.

Within minutes it was ready to go up… and it looks lovely with the blue and white...

Maybe I'll do some more decorations... or maybe not. I’m not sure. If nothing else I'm going to have a golden Oak wreath this year, and maybe that's enough 🧡

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