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As time passes at the Imperial Hotel

When two friends called me and said they were coming to visit Prague from Italy and asked if I could recommend a hotel in the city, I suggested the Art Deco Imperial Hotel. I was over the moon that they were coming and when they asked me to spend the weekend with them, I was even more excited.

I’d never actually stayed at this hotel before, but I have been to the cafe and restaurant numerous times mainly because it’s possibly one of the most beautiful and interesting places to eat I’ve ever seen.

The first time I knew about this hotel was the first time I ever visited Prague many years ago. My father was visiting the Czech Republic and asked me if I’d join him for a short holiday to see the country. I was living in Italy at the time and it was only an hour‘s flight to Prague so I readily accepted.

My father was in the process of looking for what would eventually be the house I live in and love, No 19, and had some meetings in the center of Prague so he chose a cafe close to where he needed to be and where I wouldn’t get into any trouble while he was gone. This was my first time at the Imperial Hotel.

As I walked in I was stunned. It was like something out of a film. I remember walking through the door and seeing elaborate tiled pillars around the room, tables with people chatting and drinking coffee. I also remember there being piles of doughnuts on the counter… or maybe that was just a pleasant figment of my hungry imagination! I was left there for an hour and a half of head spinning Central Europe magic.

Everywhere I looked there was richness of detail the like of which I’d just never seen anywhere before.

The whole room was tiled from floor to ceiling, and this also included the ceiling. There were raised motifs, patterns, and texture everywhere. And where there were just tiles, they were patterned mosaics, simple geometric designs that compliment the richness of the pillars and panels. I remembered it so clearly but somehow it was just too beautiful to be true… like a dream.

A few years ago I came to spend a day in Prague with my mother and when thinking of a place to have lunch, the Imperial Hotel came to mind. I wondered if it was still the same… As soon as we walked in the magic came rushing back.

It had been restored as many years had passed, but it hadn’t lost any of its charm. The food was delicious, the service perfect, and the restaurant toilets had washbasins with ridiculously fantastic gold taps in the shape of swans!!! I rushed back to our table and insisted my mother go and take a look. We had a delicious lunch and spent a lovely afternoon together in this amazing place. It was a truly beautiful day out.

Since then I’ve been here for coffee and lunch with various friends over the years and it’s always so delightful and such a beautifully unusual place. So when I was asked to recommend accommodation in Prague, this hotel instantly sprang to mind and I went to take a look at their webpage.

I was particularly interested in the part about the history of the hotel. Apparently there‘s been a building on the site of the Imperial Hotel for hundreds of years with the first written reference in 1382. In around 1730 the original building which burnt down was replaced in a period of reconstruction by an inn called The Black Eagle. This inn was subsequently extended in 1840 and became known as the Hotel at the Black Eagle. Demolished in 1913, the hotel was later rebuilt and was deserted by Czechs as it became a popular place for the German soldiers during world war II.

After the war the hotel gained popularity and survived up until the present day. The Imperial Hotel was renovated in the early 2000s bringing it up to date and making it one of Prague's most fascinating and beautiful hotels. All of this only made me more excited about coming to stay here, and when I got to look around, I realized that the hotel was just as beautiful as the restaurant. (For further information about the hotel and its history, take a look at their website at the end of this article)

I packed my From No 19 bags and backpack with everything I thought I could possibly need for my three day trip. There was obviously shower gel, soap and body lotion in the bathroom so I brought along the extras I needed. I always like to travel light but also don’t want to do without my home comforts. Sadly I couldn’t bring Frappis or Lu with me, but I did promise to take hundreds of pictures of my stay at this amazing hotel which I’ve included here.

We all had an absolutely amazing weekend in Prague, it’s such a fantastic city with so much to see. After three days of walking - and we certainly have, we did a total of 25km yesterday and 22 today!!! - it was just gorgeous coming back to my room and relaxing in a hot bath. And as I was lying there in the hot water I couldn’t help imagining all the people who have lived, loved, and lost over the years on this truly historic site that’s now Art Deco Imperial Hotel Prague ♥️

For further information about the hotel and it’s history, click on the link below ♥️