• Nick Lawes

A Cold Room

It’s a cold, foggy start to the weekend and the perfect time to move the geraniums indoors. They’ve already started dying back but rather than keeping them in the cellar this year, I’m going to put them into the back room off the kitchen.

I initially did up this space in the back of the house as a cats’ dining room but they didn’t really appreciate it 😻

so after filling it with all my flea market finds, it’s evolved into the perfect indoor garden for ferns and moss... and now my geraniums.

Harris seems to like spending time in this room and it’s somehow become his place. He often sits at the windows catching flies and looking out into the garden.

Although it’s cool in this part of the house if I open the doors it heats up from the kitchen, and it doesn’t ever freeze... and on a good day it gets flooded with beautiful winter sunlight.

I think the geraniums should be happy here until spring 💚

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