This is what I love - finding amazing materials and reusing them to create something beautiful. 

In the upstairs hall of No 19 is a rather worn looking sofa which has become a favourite sleeping spot for the animals. It sits quite comfortably at the base of the attic stairs as if it's always been there, but it actually started out very differently.


This was one of my first challenges: to make something I'd never attempted before using only materials I had lying around the house - a pile of scrap wood, some old cushions, a pair of vintage curtains and some flea market feet.


This is what I love - finding amazing materials and reusing them to create something beautiful. And if they are old, unwanted or discarded, even better!


Now, almost all the fabrics I use are what I like to call 'leftover'! I get them from England and Italy and they are vintage, sometimes antique, factory samples, end of rolls, off-cuts, and anything else that catches my eye. If it inspires me and I can give it a new life, I'm happy!


I'm constantly designing and making something new to use around the house and in the garden, and these products normally end up making their way into my shop. Everything I make is dreamed up, pieced together, and truly From No 19.