I fell in love with No 19 Starý Týn the first time I stayed here alone: it was like I had come home.


In 2010 my cat Mario and I moved from our flat in Milan Italy to spend more time in the remote Czech village of Starý Týn in the beautiful North Bohemian countryside. Our aim was to bring new life to No 19, a rather run down former farm.


The house had lost almost all of its original features over the years and had become stark and empty, but there was so much potential. Having grown up in England with the ethos of ‘do it yourself’, I decided to approach this 200 year old Sudeten farmhouse in exactly the same way.


Learning as I went along, I started restoring character to the building. I worked with what I had to hand and found creative ways of conserving and reusing materials, which is something that has now become central to everything I do.

I built the garden using stones I found buried in the ground and learnt about growing the plants I loved as the garden evolved. I furnished the house from flea markets and junk shops choosing items I felt fitted in - giving them a new place to live.



Now Mario has a large family to keep him company and the house feels more like a home even if there is still a long way to go. And when I think about it, I can't imagine never having lived here.



My range of vintage and hand-made home and garden products has only been possible because this house has given me this unique opportunity -the opportunity to discover what I love doing.



I find, design, create and hand make every product, but they are all essentially From No 19